Trip to Tasmania Australia by Edward VK3LIP Trip to Tasmania Australia by Edward VK3LIP This first set shows a typical costal scene as I drove along the east coast. We then ate some french oysters and trekked up a mountain in Freycinet National Park to the lookout over Wineglass Bay. Picture (2) 203576474 203576475 These 3 photos show the contrast between the rocks of the east coast of Tasmania at Bicheno and a dairy and cheese farm inland 203576476 203576477 203576478 These 3 photos show us trekking into a forest to get to a waterfall. There is one taken at the Bay of Fires near St. Helens where the rocks look as though they are on fire. 203576479 203576480 203576481 We visited the Bridestowe Lavender Estate at Nabowla where we had lunch. 2 pictures 203576482 203576483 This is a view of Hobart from Mt. Wellington, which overlooks the Tasmanian capital city. I also took a photo at the summit of the mountain once we reached it. 2 pictures 203576484 ``Don't be harsh on children, for you've trodden that path yourself. Don't laugh at the elderly, for you'll be treading that path yourself.'' 203576485 I was just going through some of the photos I took during our recent trip to Tasmania and on our drive from Launceston to Hobart, we stopped in the town of Ross, where we visited the site of the old Ross Female Factory. For those who are interested in a bit of history, here is a selection of photos that I took of the place. Note the worn stone steps inside the overseer's house as well as the ornaments on the Ross Bridge, which was built by convict labour. 203586469 203586470 203586471 203586472 203586473 203586474 During our stay in Tasmania, we had the opportunity to visit a replica of Mawson's Huts. The real huts are located in Antarctica. For those radio amateurs amongst us, here are some photos of the radio equipment that was used to by Mawson's expedition 203586491 203586492 203586493 203586494