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From Jim VE1JBL

Just a note to let everyone know that on March 1st, it was the 10th anniversary of the Maritime Amateur website.
It started as a way to contact amateurs around the Maritimes after becoming Radio Amateur of Canada Section Manager for the Maritimes (2008-2012)
To all my friends who have helped me out during these 10 years with stories, Silent Key information and donations, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Without all of you this site would not be possible.
I will continue to bring stories about amateur radio from Atlantic Canada to all of you for for enjoyment.
Quick stats after 10 years: TOTAL Visits - 113760, Monthly average - 948, Daily average - 31  


From Dave VE9CB

Starting on 1 May, Fredericton ARC will run its first Advanced Certificate Course.  

Here are the key features:

Cost: $75.  This includes:
- the 2nd Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide (Spring 2017) from Coax Publications and
- the costs of the examination. 
If you already have a copy of the Advanced Study Guide, your cost will be only $25.  You are responsible to provide pen, paper and a receptive frame of mind.

Registration: Due date: Monday 9 April.  Either send me an Interac E-Transfer (to or bring cash or a cheque payable to FARC to the Monday 9 April meeting of FARC .  I will order the required study guides that evening after the meeting.  

Classes: All classes will be in the Boardroom of the Victoria Health Centre, 65 Brunswick Street, Fredericton from 7pm to 9.30pm on the following dates:
Tuesday 1 May 
Monday 7 May 
Thursday 10 May 
Tuesday 15 May 
Thursday 17 May 
Monday 21 May (Note: Victoria Day) 
Thursday 24 May
Tuesday 29 May
Thursday 31 May
Monday 4 June
Tuesday 12 June 
Thursday 14 June - ADVANCED EXAMINATION by Art VE9BP

Please circulate this to anyone who you think might be interested in joining the course.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  


Dave VE9CB
FARC Training Coordinator

From the February HARC Reflector

President’s Report:
Brian reported that HRM has made the Club an offer to occupy two rooms on the upper floor of the Hammond Plains Fire Station #50 and HARC has accepted.
There will have to be a few upgrades made to the facility before we can take occupancy. There is also a large meeting room that we can book that will hold upwards of 40 people and will work for our monthly meeting.
There is a smaller room that is also bookable and will work for smallgroup meetings such as the Executive and our Basic Course.
Not having to rent our current monthly meeting room, will save the Club significant money. The plan is to move our tower from St. Andrews and put it up as a 56-foot tower with a beam and other antennae at the new location.
The actual move-in date is yet to be determined.

From AVARC website

AVARC Field Day results – Summer and Winter
Once again, members of Annapolis Valley ARC have demonstrated that they are ready and able to assist emergency officials in time of disaster – summer AND winter!

First, the June Field Day 2017.  AVARC set up two stations, complete with towers and triband yagis, in the sports field adjacent to the Annapolis West Education Centre in Annapolis Royal.  We had a score of 2520, which was good for second place in the 2A category in the Maritime Section, behind the Kings County Amateur Radio Club.  We were number 9 of 31 entries in all of Canada in the 2A category.

In the Winter Field Day last January 2017 we operated in the 1H category.  Once again, we did very well.  Our score of 20,876 was good enough for the top station in any category in Canada, and top station in the 1H category in North America. Overall, we were #4 in North America in the “Home” category.  It’s worth mentioning that the 3 stations that were ahead of us used 3, 4 and 6 transmitters respectively to earn higher scores than we did.

So – excellent results!  Thanks very much to all those who took part or assisted!

From Dave VE1ADH Jan.29th, 2018

The AM net was started in the 1960's or 70's by my mentor Tex Mattinson VE1AAX.  He had been forced off of AM operation in the 50's because his AM transmitter caused TV I due to poor shielding. He acquired a better transmitter but SSB was becoming the phone mode and AM carriers were not really welcome on the band's. He eventually acquired a SSB rig but him and some of his buddy's wanted to use AM because they liked the quality. Tex often referred to AM as "Angel music". So they started the net. I used to listen to the net before I was licensed and I even called in on CW after I got my ticket. My first HF phone contact was on the AM net in July 1988, just after passing my advanced. I had been CW only since 1967. 
Tex became a silent key in 1993 and I was asked to be net control and have been doing so, with help from others, since.
I was asked one time if I would send in a traffic report for the net but it was not a traffic net so we started referring to it as a round-table.  This is appropriate as back when AM was king most of the rigs did not have PTT and round-table QSOs were the norm.
The net usually starts around 8:30 local Sunday mornings on 3735. Anyone is welcome and most of the discussion revolves around old gear and technical topics.

From Gary VA1GGM Jan.26th, 2018


My name is Gary Murphy VA1GGM and I have been handed the Canwarn coordinator torch from Jim Langille. 

I have spent the last 20 years working as a Nova Scotia Paramedic and also 20 years working in the NS Medical Communications Center as a Paramedic Communications Officer.  I have been a Radio Amateur for about 5 years. (I am still learning an awful lot about ham radio and welcome all hints and tips. Please feel very free to help me in this endeavor.)

I have also taken most of the FEMA independent Study courses, COMET courses, SkyWarn courses , ARRL, ARES, RAC, and EMO courses. I heartily endorse taking all the courses that are available I will be highlighting any free courses for anyone with the interest and time to take them.

I want to thank all those spotters who have put the time in over the years with Jim and hope you will help me continue to make this a worthwhile resource for Environment Canada. Also tank you to the Net Controllers who have helped over the years. If anyone wishes to take on that role as well; I am hoping to get a net controller course for us.

I have started a Facebook page to keep us together as well.

Please send me your ideas and suggestions so that we, together, can make this a great resource

Gary Murphy VA1GGM

From the IRG Website

CANWARN NB activated for winter storm

(Posted 2018-01-05 - 10:00 hr)  CANWARN NB was activated for the winter storm on January 4, 2018.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre requested CANWARN New Brunswick and CANWARN Altlantic to activate to help provide real-time information about the storm, which helps them refine their warnings. Net controllers included Sterling Carpenter (VE9SK), Al Thurber (VE1RG) and Rick MacMillan (VE9MTB)

Approximately forty different amateurs called in with reports over the ten-hour net, which started at 2:00 pm on Thursday and ended at midnight that night.  Their reports included the type and amount of precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperatures and barometric pressures.  Many stations reported the lowest barometric pressures they had ever recorded during the storm. 

Data from the reports was included in Environment Canada's web site "Weather Summaries" page.

Special thanks again to all the amateur operators who participated in CANWARN NB.

From the IRG Website

Hospital Radio System Exercise Great Success!

A test exercise of the New Brunswick health facility radio system that took place on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 was a great success.

Net control was VE9DOH at Department of Health, Fredericton, headed by Al Thurber CG1RG contacted each health care facility.  Operators at each facility reported those present and the equipment being used, and any particular comments on accessibility to the radio or the facility for the test.  Over forty five (45) operators took part at twenty-one (21) facilities.

The test was a good demonstration to served agencies that amateur radio can be used as a back-up network in case of communication failures such as those experienced on August 4, 2017 when many cellular and internet connections were disrupted in the Maritimes.

The International Repeater Group maintains agreements with the Department of Health, and the Horizon and Vitalité Health Networks to assist with emergency communications.  Each health care facility with an emergency room is equipped with an amateur radio as back-up.

From Jim VE1JBL Jan. 4th, 2017

Due to the upcoming storm there will be a CANWARN net starting up today on the MAVCOM system and IRLP Reflector 9014. A letter was sent out to members of CANWARN with information Environment Canada will be looking for from your reports. Remember to take your reports at the same time each hourand report your findings to Net Control in the order as in the letter.
If you have twitter you can file reports of the storm at any time using #NSStorm, #NBStorm, #PEStorm and #NLwx. CANWARN Atlantic also has a twitter feed at @canwarnatlantic
If you can't get on the air there is also a new reporting form we are experimenting with on the CANWARN Atlantic website on the homepage. Fill in the information and click Send at the bottom.


From Dave VE9CB

On Thursday, 14 December, the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club's Authorized Examiner Art VE9BP conducted Basic Certificate exams.  Among those taking the exam, five (5) passed the Basic with Honours, one of whom earned a mark of 100%!

Please welcome the following new hams:

- Gordon VE9BCD of Moncton
- Curtis VE9CJB of Saint John
- Silas VE9SI of Saint John
- Jay VE9TOF of Carleton County
- Jason VE9WTF of Fredericton

Three were students in FARC's most recent Basic Certificate course, one was a student in a previous FARC course, and one was a self-directed student.

Congratulations to you all.  Now, get on the air!

We may have a few more new Radio Amateurs among us as soon as we can schedule another exam session.


Dave VE9CB
FARC Training Coordinator

From Dave VE1HUL

Truro ARC Newbie Round Table Net

I will be away Dec 17th and I don't think anyone would be interested in participating on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

We will be returning on Sunday January 7th, same time same place.

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dave Hull VE1HUL