Amateur Radio Shacks Amateur Radio Shacks My Shack VE1MUT All is well in my shack Mason 178099091 Rick VE9RWS - Sackville NB 155943616 VE9BGC Equipment on right Icom - IC-740, Teac power amp, Pyramid 21 amp power supply, 10 channel audio mixer. 150700960 VE9BGC Equipment on left Kenwood FM Tuner, MFJ antenna tuner, Pyramid 35 amp power supply, Kenwood TS-850s HF transceiver and a two tone audio generator. 150700961 VE9BGC Antennas Wires on left from top is for 20m/40m/80m verticals. top dipoles are for 160m/20m. Top antennas are for 2m. Vertical dipole on left is for FM radio. 150700963 Peter VE1PJS - Truro NS NCO Maritime Net Daily 7pm AT 3.750MHz. 155944909 Keith VE1KRE - Zealand NB NCO PL Net Mon-Sat. 9am AT 3.735MHz. 155945043 VE1AST QTH VE1AST's QTH, Lower Rose Bay, NS, with TH11. 155958278 Eric Mills VE1AST Eric VE1AST at home, Lower Rose Bay, NS, March 2012 155958279 Brian VE1BSD - Amherst NS 155982226 This my main HF station (no.1) and consists of a Kenwood TS-850S and a TS-570S Transceivers and a MFJ-969 Tuner. 156840966 156840967 VE1ADV/ Randy 158601077 Glenn's VE1GK little corner! 160333197 6M and up. 160333198 Dual band and HF multi-band. 160333199 Hal Rodd VE1LV Welcome to my shack. 164614821 Scott VE1QD Ham Shack 176958978 VE1AJF Gordie Test bench at VE1AJF 177150427 VE1AJF Main operating position 2013 177150429 VE1AJF HF Micom XF and QRP gear 177150431 VE1AJF VHF/UHF/Scanner end and the "fuel" cup 177150432 Ham Shack - Vern VE9VEA 199291797 Jim's VE1JBL New Shack in Tidnish NS 193502490