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For those interested, public broadcasting in USA (PBS) is currently running a special series called, "The Crowd and the Cloud".   It documents projects using "citizen scientists" doing small things to collect big data. 

In Episode One, CoCoRaHS and it's network of 20,000 volunteers was featured, and it included a visit to a Moncton couple who showed what they do every day during winter to document snowfall and snow depth. 

If you are one of those who gather weather information every day, you'll get a kick out of this show.  "Big data" used to be the secret realm of big business and big government -- it's increasingly becoming a valuable resource available to everyone.


If you want to watch the episodes, they are also available on-line at:


Rick    VE9MTB  /   W1MTB
St. Stephen  NB Canada  /  Calais ME USA

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Scott McNutt VE1CHL
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Thanks Rick, hadn't heard of the segment.  Can't beleive its been 6 years for me,

the data is sure interesting to look at.



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